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calliope musicals

time owes you nothing

Time Owes You Nothing by Austin's Calliope Musicals is a full length album that twists playful melodies with honest lyrics for a sound that can make the listener feel like they are in the classic mythologies of another planet. 

Karina developed the graphic design for the album packaging and CD based on a combination of mythological symbolism with psychedelic imagery that fits both the band's sound and image. Combining Karina's graphic design with the cover typography/art by Rina Khadivi and the photography by Jerry Sparkman, the album packaging achieves a harmony of magical appeal.

Promotional Material

In addition to the album packaging. Karina worked with the band to create different promotional graphics and fan swag. This includes an exclusive graphic illustration of the Time Owes You Nothing Lunar Phases. Again Karina looks back at Greek Mythology as influence and develops a classic image of the God of Time, Kronos, into a cherry blossom tree. Promotional materials made for the release of the album included a coloring book, T-shirts, and Vinyl wall decals for Austin's local record shop, Waterloo Records.

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