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Hand Drawn Type Faces

I recently drew out 6 different conceptual typefaces by hand using Fabrio dot-grid paper. I used the letters ANBGZhpi for each conceptual set.

The type face I designed above is called Farmer's Market and is based on fruits and vegetables that you might find at the market here in Northern California. Each letter corresponds to a specific fruit or vegetable, and you can see my brain storming process in the photo as well.


The next typeface I created is called Over the Horizon, a type that is based on letters that visually appear to be rising or setting over a horizon, much like the sun. Here the strokes are of almost equal weight, although I have encountered an issue with lowercase letters. If I choose to continue this typeface, it will have to be in all caps.


After that, I developed another typeface that I named Tri-tangles, this type was developed by the constraints of developing letters only using intersecting triangles. As I continued to work with this idea, I realized that if I continue this typeface it may be beneficial to give myself a maximum/minimum to the triangles that I use in each letter.


Circuits, is the fourth typeface I created, although truly the first for me. Quite a few months ago I was sitting by the window in a plane looking down at the beauty of land plots. If you have ever been at a certain height, many land grids come out to be very geometric shapes including circles and extending to strange polygons. At the time I was very irritated with the woman sitting next to me and decided to write out "Inconsiderate" in the cryptic typeface that I further developed above. As I held on to this drawing, it became the basis for what I believe is the most successful of these typefaces.


The next typeface that I worked on is called Catchin' Waves, and is conceptually based on the care-free fun of my favorite activities, surfing and hanging out on the beach. This typeface is pretty fun and could easily work as a Drop-Cap font, but to combine these letters together would make for a pretty illegible word.


Last, and maybe least, is the illustrative typeface Rodeo, which, like Catchin' Waves, takes the concept of the rodeo and illustrates it through certain themes. I think that this could also work as a Drop-Cap font, but used in text or even a title may be illegible, and therefor isn't as successful as some of the other typefaces I created

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