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Karina Thome is a Waco based artist practicing multiple elements of art and design through graphic design, painting, and structural sculpture. Her biggest artistic influences are mythology, architecture,  and post-structuralist ideas. 


Karina is a graduate of San Francisco Art Institute where she obtained a major in Fine Painting, and a minor in Design. 


She enjoys most films and design from the space age era, tiki related things, her record collection, the ocean, road trips, her lovely dog and kitty (nala and ramona), reading non-fiction, and Texas of course.


All work is equal play.

K. Thome

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Times Square

Tunnels Of the Mind

Times Square & SFAI


& Baylor Lariat

Fresh 19' 




& Waco Tribune

Lost In Waco

Coming Soon

Now This:

Etsy & Impeachment

COCA Seattle:

35 Live

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For sales, commissions, press, and other general inquiries please email the artist.

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