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Photographs by Daniel Mueller & Karina Thome

Intersecture was an interactive installation exhibition by artists Karina Thome & Morgan Eyring. The exhibition was temporarily built for Cultivate7Twelve Gallery in Waco, Texas in early 2020.

Intersecture is the space where art and architecture converge to blur the boundaries between structure, sculpture, painting, and design. Buildings, furniture, paintings, and graphics, are what make up our daily surroundings, yet it is seldom that we take the moments to stop and reflect on how these art forms in our environments effect us, our emotions, our desires, and our interactions. By ripping the ornamental off architecture, we seem to have only bones, yet the bones still allow us an opportunity for reflection and synergy. By getting to the core of our notions of art and architecture, we can allow our minds forget the defining lines of what these concepts are and thus reconstruct the ideas into what they could potentially become.

To see more of Morgan Eyring's work please visit her instagram here.

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