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Conceptual furniture

The altar bench

Part of the Altars project, this plywood and furring strip bench is structurally minimal and designed for the viewing of a gallery of structures and paintings. Yet, the piece is designed so that if you turn your head back and gaze over your shoulder, you are greeted by a painting within reach that is indeed part of the art you are sitting on to rest.

Rhombic contemplations

Rhombic Contemplations is an encompassing chair designed to view paintings from. As the audience sits within the chair, noise and distraction is silenced by the form, and the peripherials of the eye show a dim lit light which alters the mood of the painting which is viewed from the chair.

Bean Bed

Bean Bed is an exploration into the idea of comfort food and its existence as being physical furniture for both the outside body and the intestinal body. Crafted from salvaged redwood and 200 pounds of pinto beans, the layers of beans create a pillow that forms to the shape of any body which lays within it.

The Caal

The Caal is a multi-functional sculpture named after the elements Calcium and Aluminum, the key elements in the mineral garnet which served as inspiration for this steel work. The Caal can function as a light fixture, and/or sculpture and is able to sit flat, hang on the wall, or from the ceiling. 
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