farm to market woodworks

Farm to Market Woodworks, LLC is a custom furniture and woodworking company started by Andre Thome in 2017. Since the beginning, Karina and her father have been working as a team of Master Crafter and Concept Designer. In addition to helping design the custom furniture, Karina continuously maintains and builds the website while also working on branding and marketing material.


Farm to Market Woodworks has a character as unique as its custom creations. Each piece is built in the 2000 sf shop isolated in the piece and quiet on the family farm. In addition, Farm to Market Woodworks mills down dead trees on the farm to use as lumber when desired, giving an extra special heritage story to their works. 

The F2M logo came from blending the idea of farm-built to market-sold with Texas's symbolic 'Farm to Market' roads. A cross between a symbolic road sign and a saw blade tells the story of Texas family tradition and values with a flare of bad ass and hardwork.

Website development

1/6 is a fully interactive and consistently updated website focused on not only show casing the custom works, but also uses beautiful photography and simplistic graphics and typography to tell the brand story of hand built furniture crafted on acres of Texas land that respect s nature and craft in a world where machine built furniture has become the norm. Pops of color in the curated photography and highlighted graphics help to keep the viewer's attention and lead them through a laid back site with textural surprises. Optimized for all screens and browsers.

Concept Design

Karina works closely with her Dad to draw up conceptual designs of each piece before thier creation. Often times these concepts manifest from photographic renderings to full construction drawings, so the execution of each piece goes as smoothly and detailed as possible. Karina's strong background in Architectural and structural design brings sophisticated and modern looks to her father's beautiful craftsmanship.

Printed Marketing


Printed marketing is a great way to get the business name out to the world. With a strong logo like the F2M Road sign, Karina develops printed products that catch the eye and lead an audience to wanting to see more. For both paper products and apparel, special attention is given to the quality of the material and weight so that the swag looks good, and feels exceptional.