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A Hand on a Page

Taking the hand drawn typefaces I made a while back (see previous post), I developed words that related to the conceptual ideas of each typeface and then brought these words each into their own layout that framed the illustrated word with images that would emphasize the concept.

The "Circuital" font quickly turned into the word digital, bringing the micro circuit into the macro idea of the anatomy of digital.

In developing the layout for this page I started thinking about how although technology changes through the years, the underlying circuit may get smaller, but does not change in origin. This brought me to create a slap stick layout that includes some technology from the past that we may or may not remember (but either way, who could forget Zack Morris?)

The "Farmer's Market" typeface naturally grew into the word garden and of course got paired alongside both a photograph of a garden, as well as its production.

This photograph is comprised of two different photographs that I personally took during a culinary tour of the Chalk Hill Winery in Healdsburg, California. I highly recommend this food/wine pairing and tour for any food or wine enthusiast travelling to the wine country, as it is informational, beautiful property, tasty, and a great deal of fun.

The last layout I made was from the hand drawn typeface "tri-tangles". Here, I decided to use the word acute,referring to the angle that is in every triangle form, and combine it with, of course, minimalistic triangles.

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